Diary of a Young girl


Oo, oo gusto kita, mahal kita noon pa.

Eh ano naman sayo ngayon?

Kahit kailan naman hinde mo ako 

napansin at nakita bilang babae

Sana pwd kong irewind

para nung first time kitang nkta

sana hinde na lang ako tumingin

Sana hinde ko na naramdaman ung slow mo feeling

yung may back ground music pa

at sana din hinde ko na bnigyan ng kahulugan lahat.

at sana hinde ako nasasaktan ng ganito

pero hinde ako nagsisisi na ikaw

ikaw ang minahal ko, hinde mo lang alam.


Once upon time 

i was fifteen and young

then you came

but before that 

i have no clue 

that’ll be like this

With just a glance and smile

my day will be extraordinary

but with a simple talk

my heart starts to be like a trampolin

I assume to be your princess

and it seems like a fairy tale

with no ending coz

i said yes and this is my lovestory

with our song 

that will be one and only

Everyday with you feels like cloud nine

every moment is comparable to a movie

with true to life soundtracks and sparks flying

my heart feels like a boomerang

no matter how far your throw

it will surely come back

to where it belongs.

And i wonder if you will ever kiss me

to wake me up from this magic

but i want you to see

the truth that will set me free

the love i never had

you are the love i never had

the one i wanted

the one i cherished

and the one that i wished for

you are the love that i haven’t given a chance

a chance to grow

a chance to smile

and a chance to feel

you are the love that i regret

i let go and moved on

but still you keep coming back

into my mind like flashbacks

into my heart like skip beats

you are the love that is impossible

impossible to see, to feel

and to love

for you are like my dream

that i want no escape at all.

you are the love that i never had

but i what i yearned for

what i’m dying to pray for

and i wish i would see its face

once and for all, always and forever.

in 30 minutes

In 30 minutes, you’ll turn 22

and will blow your cake and make a wish

i know i wasn’t part of it

It just reminds me how crazy i was 2 years ago

i believe you are happy

just what i reckon when i see your photos on facebook

I wish you good luck and success

for another year to face 

I just wanted to greet you

Happy birthday!

Although i wasn’t gonna give you this letter

I just want to write it

And say how i feel

to the boy who once made me feel lucky

happy, special but broke me

well that’s okay

it’s just the way it is

and sometimes we learn from it

to accept, move on and get over it

but sometimes no matter how many times

i try to say and do to be over

you’re still there

and you’re more than just a memory

that i’ll never forget easily.

my favorite ever!

my favorite ever!

there she goes again

There she goes… there she goes again….

On a cold Thursday,

she rushed to catched the train

And there was you 

standing still beside that center rail

You look so the same

As if you were cloned

And everything

The way you walk, the way you dress

and the way you smile and stare

is perfectly stunning

and it felt so magical

and there she goes again….

It is more than just a memory

the hopeful bliss starts to fire

It was not long ago

since she felt quite the same

it’s all because of you

The way you walk, the way you dress

and the way you smile and stare

is perfectly stunning

and it felt so magical

and there she goes again….

But suddenly fear sets in,

scared to fall, love and break

how could this ever be

happening again

because there she goes again…

there she goes again….

hello december

When i was little i used to believe in Santa, Fairy god mother and my own fairytale. But as time passes and i grew older, i figured out that there is no Santa,  when i was 12 i saw my grandpa puts money on my sock on Christmas eve. Since then i stop writing to Santa and instead asked my grandpa to give my presents. Cool huh? I love dramas, movies and series and to the point that i fell in love with them. Oftentimes i found myself dreaming as if i’m the main character of the movie or i felt so hopeful that maybe one of these days i will bump into my prince charming, if ever there is one.

Background check. I’m 20 and single. Physically i am overweight no secrets about that. I am not really insecure about my body no joke, but sometimes i do get frustrated if the clothes i want would not fit, or if i see my crush. Anyway, I am really a positive person. They say i am a pretty face, i do believe that as well. Technically my family says that but other people do so i believe them. Even if i’m fat, it doesn’t mean that i am ugly and cannot be what i wanted to be. Although being fit and healthy is nice, i could feel great and live happy even if my weight is like this. I am soon to be a nurse, but i also like makeup and do makeup videos in youtube and write songs and blogs. See i can do all of these with confidence. What’s inside is the main thing. So when i dream i dream BIG. And i hope and do things to get it. And if someone like me cannot find her prince yet, well i dunno what is the answer to that, but i am definitely sure, he is out there somewhere waiting for him to found and waiting for love to set through. All happens surprising in time.


this is so like me

this is so like me

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